Best Fishing Spots in Tampa

Best Fishing Spots in Tampa

Some areas are only meant for fishing. Florida is bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico and is riddled with lakes and rivers, so there are plenty of options for fishing. It is a great place to fish, with its warm waters and plenty of sunshine. The fish also love it. The Sunshine State is a premier fishing location in the world. It caters to everyone, from the pier caster to the lake fisherman to the in-shore, nearshore, and offshore boaters. But, there’s no denying that the best action is to be had out on the ocean. Grab your fishing equipment and set out to explore the best fishing spots in Tampa, Florida. Every fisherman who has access to a boat should fish at least once.

Flats of Tampa

Tampa is well-known for flats fishing. Here you will find the King of Tampa Bay Flats (redfish, spotted trout, and snook), as well as the seasonal tarpon. Redfish are adrenaline-boosting fish with great stamina. It makes for an exciting, long fight.

These fish prefer flats. Wheedon Island Flats or Fort de Soto Flats are the best. You will be hooked all day long at either location.

The Tampa Sunshine Skyway Bridge

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge is located between Tampa Bay and the Gulf. This bridge is well-known for its beautiful night lights and as one of the best fishing spots in Tampa FL. The bridge can be used to hook anything, from black sea bass to snook to king mackerel to pompano and grouper. Here are our recommendations:

You can start your day at Skyway Bridge Fishing Piers, where you can get baitfish. Next, grab your bait and head to the rocks to the west of Skyway Piers for solid grouper fishing. After you’ve had your fill of grouper, start the engine and drive a short distance until you reach the Skyway Bridge. You can anchor under the bridge near one of its pylons and then wait for grouper, snapper, or sheepshead action (during the season).

Egmont Key

Egmont Key is more than a relaxing spot. It’s a great spot to catch seatrout, snook, and grouper. The most popular catch at Tampa Bay’s Egmont Shipping Channel is grouper. But if you venture here, you can also find king mackerel (during both the Spring and Fall runs), and the rare but occasionally endangered bluewater fish bonito. This area offers shark fishing if you’re looking for thrills. As with all fishing adventures, you must take safety precautions.

The Channel also has the trophy fish Tarpon, but you will need to go further south in Passage Key or the Northern Mouth Egmont Key Channel to find it. The season usually runs from April to August. However, for the best bites, you should head out between May and July when they are at their peak migration. Tarpon can reach up to 80 pounds at this time. Be prepared for a hard fight. 

The Reefs of Tampa

You probably already know that the best way to catch fish is to go where they are… fish love structures so fishermen love reefs. The best fishing in Tampa is possible on the reefs. There are many options. Where should you go?

  • Pinellas Beaches Inshore Reefs
    These reefs are home to a wide variety of fish, including grouper and snapper as well as seasonal king mackerel or tarpon.
  • Clearwater Reef
    Clearwater’s beaches have been a top fishing spot for many years. It makes perfect sense that the reef is a must-fish. You will find the same inshore reefs as here, with a selection of reef fish and King mackerel.
  • St. Pete Beach Reef
    Perhaps the best reef on this list, and considered the best fishing spot in Pinellas County, the St. Pete Beach Reef located five miles from Passe-A-Grille entry is riddled with fish-favorite structures. Look for the foundation and sunken bridge materials from Old Corey Causeway or Skyway Bridge. Next, look 50 feet east to the reef’s center for the 200-foot barge. Here you will find reef fish and Kings. To add an extra sense of adventure, try to find all 10 U.S. Army tanks.

Ready for a Fishing Trip?

These are the best fishing spots to hit in Tampa Bay. Whether you are just starting out, or you have fished before, the experienced crew at Salty Knots Fishing Charters can help you with whatever fishing needs that you find yourself in! Our boat is equipped with cutting-edge fishing technology, and the crew will make sure that you are safe and having fun on your trip. Contact us today!