Deep Sea Fishing St Pete Beach

Looking For Deep Sea Fishing In St Pete Beach? Salty Knots Is Here For You!

If you are looking for a St. Pete beach fishing charters, then you will not be disappointed with what we have to offer. Salty Knots Fishing Charters specializes in Deep Sea Fishing in St Pete Beach! We are federally licensed and insured to target and harvest reef and pelagic species. For those who don’t know what a reef or pelagic species are a list is provided below. We offer 4,6,8,10,12 hour private fishing trips along with 12-15 hour trophy trips for the extreme angler looking for those “big fish”. We are located on the south side of St. Petersburg right next to the beautiful skyway bridge, so we are close to anyone coming from the Tampa Bay Area and surrounding areas such as Sarasota and Clearwater!

Salty Knots catch fish year round here is a list of the different fish our great fishery provides throughout the year. Looking for St. Pete beach fishing charters? Salty Knots Charters has got you covered! Call us today to book a trip for you and your family & friends. If you would like to see what some of our past clients have said about our Deep Sea Fishing trips out of St Pete Beach, you can do so by clicking here!

Deep Sea Fishing St Pete Beach

St Pete Beach Fishing Charters

With 15 years of fishing experience in the waters of St. Pete Beach fishing charters, our captains have honed their skills and knowledge to provide you with the best fishing trip possible. Our specialty is catching red snapper, wahoo, grouper, and amberjack, among other species that thrive in the deep sea.

Our captains are federally licensed and insured, ensuring you are in good hands when booking a trip with us. We offer a range of private fishing trips, including 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12-hour and 12-15 hour trophy trips for the avid angler looking for a big catch.

When you book a trip with Salty Knots Fishing Charters in St. Pete Beach, you can expect a personalized experience tailored to your needs and preferences. We provide all the necessary equipment, including fishing rods, reels, and bait, so all you need to bring is your enthusiasm for fishing. Our captains will teach you the techniques used in the deep-sea fishery, such as trolling, drift fishing, and bottom fishing.

What to Expect When Deep Sea Fishing?

Deep sea fishing is an exhilarating experience that offers the opportunity to catch some of the largest and most exciting fish in the ocean. Here’s what you can expect when you go deep sea fishing:

  1. Departure: Your deep sea fishing adventure will typically begin early in the morning, when you’ll board the boat and head out to deeper waters. Florida has many popular fishing locations such as Clearwater, Tampa Bay, St Pete Beach, and many more. The boat ride itself can be an exciting part of the trip, as you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the feeling of being out on the open sea.
  2. Fishing Techniques: Your guide will teach you the various fishing techniques used in deep sea fishing in St Pete Beach, such as trolling, drift fishing, and bottom fishing. They will also provide you with the necessary equipment, including fishing rods, reels, and bait.
  3. The Catch: Florida’s deep sea fishing waters are home to a variety of fish species such as grouper, snapper, tuna, sailfish, and marlin, among others. Depending on the time of year, you may have the chance to catch a specific species. Your guide will help you identify your catch and teach you how to safely reel it in.
  4. Wildlife Sightings: While deep sea fishing in St. Pete Beach Florida, it’s not uncommon to spot a variety of marine wildlife such as dolphins, sea turtles, and even whales. Seeing these creatures up close can be a memorable experience in itself.
  5. Return: After a successful day of fishing, you’ll return to shore with your catch. Some charters even offer to clean and fillet your fish for you, so you can take it home and enjoy a fresh seafood dinner.
Deep sea fishing St Pete beach

What Kind Of Fish Will I Catch Deep Sea Fishing In St Pete Beach With Salty Knots Fishing Charters?


We catch fish year round! Here is a list of the Different fish our great fishery provides throughout the year:


American Red Snapper

The American Red Snapper season is one of the most popular times to fish in the Gulf of Mexico! American red snapper can grow up to the mid 30 pound range and are found in deeper waters of the Gulf of Mexico between 100-450ft. Red Snapper are a delicious Tasting bottom fish that put up an enormous fight.

Our high level of experience and determination will give you the best opportunity to land these giant fish! During Red Snapper season we will also target red and gag grouper along with a other variety of reef and pelagic species. Looking for just a red snapper trip? Great,  we offer red snapper limit trips time frame is between 5-10 hours. You never know what the Gulf of Mexico will bring because our fishery is just so great! 


Charter Pricing

Extreme Charter Pricing “Trophy Trips”

Note: trips above can be any type of trip you want including red snapper and grouper etc call us to see what’s biting!