Fishing Charter Indian Rocks Beach FL

Fishing Charter Indian Rocks Beach FL

Fishing charter Indian Rocks Beach FL

You’ve found the right place if you are looking for a fishing charter in Indian Rocks Beach FL, to enhance your fishing experience. Salty Knots Fishing Charters offer unparalleled offshore and inshore charter fishing trips that allow anyone to enjoy the fresh salt air and reel in multiple species of fish.

Fish that you will catch on our fishing charters in Indian Rocks Beach inshore:


These migratory fish, also known as “The Silver Kings” in Indian Rocks Beach’s coastal areas, are the largest and strongest fish that you will find near the shoreline. From May through July, the majority of tarpon will be moving into coastal waters. They are often found in large groups and can be easily spotted in calmer areas. We will do our best to not spook them before you have a chance at catching a trophy-sized fish.


Snooks can be difficult to find. Although they don’t have teeth, their gill plates are razor-sharp. The reward is a magnificent fish that can weigh between 8-12 pounds. They will also give you a lot of fun with their acrobatic leaps and scream off your reel.


Trout are beautiful fish that can be found in large numbers in Indian Rocks Beach’s shallower waters. They are often found in large groups near Indian Rocks Beach flats. This gives us plenty of rod-bending action. They are as photogenic as any fish you will ever see.


Redfish are a popular choice for Indian Rocks Beach anglers. They can be found just a few feet away from the shore and are plentiful. They are a tough fight and are often found in mangroves. You will see the distinctive black spots at the tail.


Indian Rocks Beach is home to many snapper species throughout the year. They are great for all skill levels. They are also delicious!


Kingfish are strong and elegant and they never fail to impress our guests when they get out of the water. Smokers are the big ones that weigh in at 50 pounds. They are the largest mackerel species in Florida. We know where they can be found!

Our deep sea fishing charters in Indian Rocks Beach will take you to fish for the best fish:


When we head out to Indian Rocks Beach, Grouper is a very popular fish for our table. Sometimes we are able to catch a huge Grouper that amazes our entire team. There are many species of grouper to choose from, including the highly photogenic red one.


Tuna is one of the most prized catches when fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Although they are energetic and difficult to catch, our captains love a challenge and will help you reel them in.


You will be able to tell when one strikes! It’s always a great catch and a good cardiovascular workout. This is a great choice for group photos.


Our charters include the opportunity to catch an amberjack. These fish are so strong that even the most experienced angler can reel them in. These fish are great for the smoker!


There are few fish more beautiful than the Mahi at Indian Rocks Beach. They are great trophy fish because of their vibrant colors and brightly colored fins.

Let Us Show You a Great Time!

Looking for a professional fishing charter in Indian Rocks Beach FL? Salty Knots Fishing Charters can guide you every step of the way. Just imagine you out fishing with your friends and your family, that is the most relaxing moment in our lives. Salty Knots Fishing Charters will do everything it takes to make this dream a reality. Call us today!


American Red Snapper

The American Red Snapper season is one of the most popular times to fish the Gulf of Mexico! American red snapper can grow up to the mid 30 pound range and are found in deeper waters of the Gulf of Mexico between 100-450ft. Red snapper are a delicious eating bottom fish that put of an enormous fight.

Our high level of experience and determination will give you the best opportunity to land these giant fish! During red snapper season we will also target red and gag grouper along with a other variety of reef and pelagic species. Looking for just a red snapper trip? Great,  we offer red snapper limit trips time frame is between 5-10 hours. You never know what the Gulf of Mexico will bring because our fishery is just so great! 



Charter Pricing

Extreme Charter Pricing “trophy trips”

Note: trips above can be any type of trip you want including red snapper and grouper etc call us to see what’s biting!