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Salty Knots offers unforgettable experiences on the sparkling waters of Clearwater FL. Join us for deep sea fishing or take a sunset cruise along the coast and enjoy the stunning views while sipping on a cold drink.

Clearwater, Florida, is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. With its clear waters, abundant fish species, and picturesque coastline, it’s no surprise that many anglers flock to this part of Florida for fishing trips. However, fishing in Clearwater can be challenging, especially for those new to the area or unfamiliar with its waters. This is where fishing guides in Clearwater, FL come in – they offer their expertise and local knowledge to help visitors maximize their chances of catching fish and make the most of their fishing experience.

Who are Fishing Guides?

Fishing guides are local experts in Clearwater, FL with extensive knowledge of the waters, the fish species that inhabit them, and the best techniques for catching them. They offer their services to visitors who want to go fishing but may need to gain the experience or knowledge necessary for a successful trip. Fishing guides can provide a variety of services, including:

  • Providing fishing gear and equipment
  • Offering advice on the best fishing spots and techniques
  • Teaching fishing skills and techniques
  • Providing transportation to and from the fishing location

Red Snapper

We specialize in catching red snapper, one of the most popular game fish in St Pete. Our experienced guides know the best spots to see these prized fish and will provide you with the necessary equipment and techniques to reel them.


With their large size and impressive fighting abilities, catching a grouper is a thrilling experience. At Salty Knots, we specialize in catching grouper, one of the most sought-after game fish in St Pete.

Amber Jack

These strong and aggressive fish fought great, making them a thrilling catch for any angler. Our experienced guides know the best techniques and equipment to target amberjack.


These high-speed predators require specific skills and techniques to catch, and our experienced guides know how to do it. We'll take you to the best spots and provide you with the necessary equipment to capture these prized fish.

Why Hire a Fishing Guide in Clearwater, FL?

Clearwater is home to diverse fish species, including tarpon, redfish, snook, trout, and more. However, fishing in these waters can be challenging for those unfamiliar. A fishing guide can help visitors navigate the waters, identify the best spots to fish, and offer advice on the best bait and techniques. Hiring fishing guides in Clearwater, FL can also save time and money, as visitors won’t have to purchase their gear or spend time researching the best fishing spots.

How to Choose the Right Fishing Guide in Clearwater, FL?

Choosing the right fishing guide is essential to having a successful and enjoyable fishing trip. Some factors to consider when selecting fishing guides in Clearwater, FL include:

  • Experience and knowledge of the area
  • Reputation and reviews from previous clients
  • Availability and flexibility with scheduling
  • Pricing and services offered

It’s also important to communicate your expectations and goals with the fishing guide to ensure they can provide the services and experience you seek.

What Type of Fish Will I Catch With Salty Knots Fishing Charter In St Petersburg FL?

We catch fish year round here is a list of the different fish our great fishery provides throughout the year

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Book Your Fishing Trip with Salty Knots Fishing Charters

Captain Avery of Salty Knots Fishing Charters has an intimate knowledge of Clearwater’s local waters, making him the perfect guide to help you catch the big one. He is an expert in catching various fish, including amberjack, wahoo, red snapper, and grouper. He is passionate about sharing his love of fishing with others.

Take advantage of the opportunity to fish with one of the best in the business. Contact Salty Knots Fishing Charters today to book your trip with Captain Avery and experience the thrill of fishing in Clearwater like never before.


American Red Snapper

The American Red Snapper season is one of the most popular times to fish the Gulf of Mexico! American red snapper can grow up to the mid 30 pound range and are found in deeper waters of the Gulf of Mexico between 100-450ft. Red snapper are a delicious eating bottom fish that put of an enormous fight.

Our high level of experience and determination will give you the best opportunity to land these giant fish! During red snapper season we will also target red and gag grouper along with a other variety of reef and pelagic species. Looking for just a red snapper trip? Great,  we offer red snapper limit trips time frame is between 5-10 hours. You never know what the Gulf of Mexico will bring because our fishery is just so great! 



Charter Pricing

Extreme Charter Pricing “trophy trips”

Note: trips above can be any type of trip you want including red snapper and grouper etc call us to see what’s biting!