Florida snapper season

Florida Snapper Season 2023 Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time fisherman, the Florida snapper season has something to offer for everyone. From the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean, there are plenty of different species of snapper to target and plenty of ways to catch them. 

What Is the Difference Between Federal and State Water?

Federal waters and state waters have different regulations. This can lead to different seasons, bag limits and size limits. It is important to understand where you stand. The U.S. state waters range from 3 to 9 nautical miles across most of the country. In the Gulf of Mexico, however, the distance is extended to 9 nautical miles. A recreational angler may travel 9 nautical miles without being subject to state regulations in Texas, Louisiana Mississippi, Alabama, and on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

These limits will affect what anglers can catch. Less known is the effect on guides. Federal reef fish permits for the Gulf of Mexico are more difficult to obtain and can be more costly. Since 2003, no new permits have been issued. This means that the number of guides has been capped. Federal waters are more productive, but it is harder to find a guide.

2023 Gulf of Mexico Federal Water Red Snapper Season

The 2023 federal waters for hire red snapper season will begin June 1, and continue until the quota is reached. The bag limits established by state wildlife agencies must be adhered to by anglers. The federal red snapper season 2021 was 62 days for chartered trips, 63 days for private summer trips. It was then reopened for 22 consecutive days in the fall.

2023 Florida State Water Red Snapper Season

The 2022 Florida Gulf recreational red snapper season began June 17th and ended July 31st 2022. There is a limit of two fish per day, with a minimum size 16 inches. The season will reopen on Veterans Day Weekend (November 11th to the 13th) as well as the weekend following Thanksgiving (November 25th to the 27th). Although the 2023 dates are not yet available, we can expect a similar season.

2023 Gulf of Mexico Federal Water Red Snapper Limit

Recreational anglers had to catch 2 fish per day above 16 inches in the 202w federal water red snapper limits. We can expect similar dates for 2023, although they have not yet been released.

Florida Snapper Season Fishing Guide

It might be a good idea to first prepare for the harvest before you tell the story about how you won the Red Snapper hunt. It’s important to understand their habits and whereabouts before you start angling. You don’t need to worry about these things if you fish with a licensed charter operator. Your captain will be there for you. You might be curious, so read on.


Red Snappers are fond of small fish and crustaceans. You’ll also be able to see that Red Snappers are opportunistic feeders.

Red Snappers can be enticed by this. Red Snappers will eat almost anything, including fish, shrimp, crabs, and even squid, as well as worms and crabs. As long as they are given the bait properly, you can’t go wrong.


Red Snappers love natural bait but they will also serve their food in the right way by eating soft jigs or spoons. Once you have dropped your bait to the bottom, make sure it is still there or slowly move it.

Bottom fishing is the best method of angling. You can combine it with a durable tackle, sinkers and 50-pound class line and you are ready to face that trophy Red Snapper. Use non-stainless stainless steel circle hooks if you choose natural baits. You can maximize your chances to catch impressive specimens by partnering up with one the many top-class Florida Red Snapper fishing charters.

Red Snapper Fishing in Florida: Where can you go?

Florida has many Red Snapper fishing hotspots. You can reach almost every coastal city in Florida during the summer to find a Red Snapper fishing hotspot. If you are curious about the best Red Snapper fishing spots, we have a list below.

  • Florida Panhandle – Florida’s Panhandle is located in the heart of the Gulf of Mexico and offers excellent angling opportunities. There are so many Red Snapper areas in the area that it is impossible not to refer to the whole region. The Northwest region is home to Red Snapper in abundance. It includes Pensacola and Fort Walton Beach as well as Perdido Key and Pensacola. Destin and Panama City are also included. These coastal cities are home to top-notch charter operators that specialize in Red Snapper hunting!
  • Tampa – Tampa is known for its Tarpon population. Central West Florida is also a great place to find Red Snappers. You’ll find numerous shipwrecks, reefs and other marine structures that make ideal hiding places for Red Snappers just outside the bay. Aside from offshore structures, You can also find red snappers in Tampa’s nearshore waterways. The bites are consistent throughout the year. You could not ask for more.
  • Volusia County – The Atlantic coast is as rich as the Gulf of Mexico. Volusia County is home to many prime Red Snapper spots. The best are Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach, Port Orange and New Smyrna Beach. One of these cities will not disappoint you if visited. Red Snappers enjoy exploring concrete rubble up to 10 miles off the coast and down to 80 feet below the surface.
  • Treasure Coast – The area is home of a few Red Snapper gems, such as Fort Pierce and Sebastian. You can find fishing charters in Florida at any location along the Treasure Coast. Once you have a good idea of the best departure points, the next two steps are to pay attention to announcements and to book your captain well in advance.

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