Florida's Best Time to Catch Grouper

Florida’s Best Time to Catch Grouper

Grouper is a popular game fish along the Florida coast. It is important to know when the best time to visit Florida is so you can chase these powerful fish. Here we will discuss the best time to catch grouper in Florida.

The best time to catch grouper in Florida is generally from May through October. The best time to fish for grouper in Florida is in the morning or in the afternoon.

There are many ways to catch this delicious fish. The question is: When is the best time? We will answer this question in this article by breaking down the various Florida areas where grouper can also be found. Also, we will discuss each season and how to determine what time is best for grouper fishing.

Florida’s Best Time to Fish For Grouper

Florida’s grouper fishing is excellent all year, but it seems to peak in spring. The opening of the grouper harvest season in spring brings with it the possibility to catch and harvest grouper. Florida closes the grouper season between January and February to allow fish to spawn.

This doesn’t mean you can’t fish for grouper. It just means that you won’t be able to harvest them.

Seasonal Breakdown of Grouper in Florida

In almost every part of Florida, grouper is a popular fish. This section will break down Florida’s four main regions and show you when grouper fishing is at its best.

The grouper is heavily controlled in federal and state waters. State waters extend from the coast to 9 nautical miles, while those on the Atlantic side are only 3 nautical miles from the shore.

Atlantic Coast

All year, the Atlantic coast is home to a lot of grouper action. Because the Gulf Stream is almost at the coast of the state on the southeastern end, it brings with it warmer waters as well as larger fish. Peak grouper season on the Atlantic side tends to begin in the winter after the season’s opening.

This is right after the spawn and the fish go into a feeding frenzy, seeking warmer waters to catch prey fish. You may find larger fish moving up to shallower water as the waters warm. For the best fishing results, fish in deeper waters offshore if you are fishing in the afternoon.

Gulf Coast

Gag grouper is the most common species of grouper along the Gulf coast. They can be hard to catch and will dive back to cover after being hooked, giving even the most skilled anglers a challenge.

The best time to catch grouper along the Gulf Coast coast is late spring through early summer depending on where you’re going. Clearwater/St. Petersburg area is the best place to fish for grouper. The fishing season starts in early spring.

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys’ season for grouper opens in May and runs through December. It is a great time. You will likely encounter scamp grouper in the Keys. This fish is not common in other parts of Florida. Between May and October is the peak season in the Florida Keys for grouper.

Goliath grouper is another species that frequent the Keys more than any other. This is because anglers often don’t have the equipment to catch this fish so they just watch it eat any other fish that may be available.

Florida Grouper Fishing Charters

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