How To Catch HogFish In St Pete Beach FL

How To Catch Hogfish In St Pete Beach FL

What Is a Hogfish?

Anglers in St. Pete Beach and Tampa Bay love catching hogfish. It is a rare catch that is highly prized. This fish is easily identified by its long, hoglike nose. As they grow older, the color of these fish will change. They will most likely be a pink-orange color with yellow edges. The dark stripe will run from the top of the male’s head to the tip of their snout. Younger ones will be lighter in color and have gray or pink scales along their sides. Keep reading to learn how to catch Hogfish in St Pete Beach FL.

How Big Can a Hogfish Get?

Are you planning to take a trip to St. Pete Beach? The minimum size limit for hogfish is 12 inches, but it’s possible to catch one up to 17-22 inches if you are in the right place. A record 18-pound, 8-ounce hogfish was caught in Florida. The easiest way to catch them is on a fishing charter with a well-experienced captain that knows the area and how to find them. These unique fish can be caught year-round, with the best time to catch them being in the winter from November to the end of February. If you need help locating hogfish or tips on what equipment to use when fishing for them, contact us today at Salty Knots Fishing Charters.

How To Catch HogFish

You Can Catch a Hogfish in the Following Places

They can be found in many areas when fishing for them in St. Pete Beach/Tampa Bay. They can be found near shore in areas with sandy bottoms, reefs and ledges. Spearfishing is the best way to catch hogfish, but with the help and guidance of the right captain, you can hook them with hook and line.

Let Salty Knots Charters Help you Catch Hogfish In St. Pete Beach!

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