How To Catch Mahi Mahi In Florida

How To Catch Mahi Mahi In Florida

Many people associate St. Petersburg, FL with beautiful beaches and warm sunshine. Ask any angler how they feel about the area and they will tell you, “it is a fisherman’s paradise!” You might be wondering: What can you do to increase your chances of catching Mahi Mahi in St. Petersburg, FL? These are our tips and tricks on how to catch Mahi Mahi In Florida.

Tips And Tricks To Catch St. Pete Florida Mahi Mahi

Let’s take a look at the mahi. Mahi-mahi can also be called the dolphinfish or dorado. It can be found in all parts of the world, especially in subtropical and tropical waters.

This species of fish is known for its vibrant blue, yellow and green flow. The colors change depending on the intensity and instinct. These fish can be thought of as mood rings in the water.

Mahi-mahi are known for their colorful appearances, but they also have the reputation of being the fastest-growing fish in the ocean. Female mahi mahi can reach 30-40 pounds while male mahi mahi-mahi may reach 50-60 pounds. In 1976, the largest mahi-mahi was caught at 87 pounds.

Mahi-mahi’s attractive colors and large size make them an excellent choice for sport fishing. These fish are very aggressive so it’s worth your effort to fight them.

Wondering how to catch Mahi Mahi in Florida? These are some helpful tips and tricks for catching Mahi Mahi.

Where To Catch Mahi Mahi

You can locate Mahi Mahi at water temperatures between 68 and 83 degrees F. They are surface dwellers that swim close to the surface. They can be found in water over 150 feet, they are often caught in deep waters. These are some things you should look out for when targeting Mahi Mahi.

  • These are the easiest things to find when searching for this fish. Sargassum, a type of seaweed that is orange-brown in color and clumps together offshore, should be your first target. These weed lines could stretch for miles and create a natural habitat to offshore game fish like mahi-mahi and baitfish.
  • Be on the lookout for floating structures, such as balloons, driftwood or refrigerator doors. You may find Mahi Mahi hanging out nearby!
  • Mahi-mahi prefer to swim in offshore currents or temperature breaks because they are more attracted to warm water. 
  • Sea birds flying above the water is a sign that there is bait. This means that you might find mahi-mahi or other offshore game fish close by.

Best Fishing Techniques

Trolling is one of the most effective fishing methods to catch mahi-mahi in St. Pete Florida. Although there are many ways to troll mahi-mahi in Florida, we will only focus on one technique that has been proven effective most of the time.

How Fast Can You Troll For Mahi-Mahi

You must troll for mahi – mahi at the correct speed when you are fishing. Mahi-mahi can be aggressive gamefish and will eat quickly.

Trolling at 2-9 knots is the best speed for this fish. You can also experiment with different speeds. You must be consistent with your boat’s movements.

Trolling spread

While there is no one right way to trolling for mahi – mahi-mahi in the wild, there are some proven methods. It is best to keep it simple and prepare a well-rounded spread. If you have outriggers, it’s best to keep at least 3-4 rods on hand. Start with 2-3 rods if you are a beginner.

Two rigged ballyhoos are a nice way to spread the lures. The outside has 1-2 artificial trolling baits. Common lure colors for mahi – mahi include blue and pink. You should use rigged bubblers, squid, bullethead, and ballyhoo baits. Ballyhoo is the best bait to catch Mahi Mahi.

Hooking up to a Mahi Mahi

Make sure your boat is not tilted when you hook into mahi mahi. Then, get ready to fight the fish. You can also go with a fishing guide and crew like Salty Knots Fishing Charters to help you catch these amazing fish. You must be ready to fight fish that will jump out of the water.

If you have the fish on the boat’s side and there are other Mahi Mahi around, you can place the rod in a rod holder to allow the fish to remain in the water. This will allow other Mahi Mahi to stay close to the boat and make it a great opportunity for you to catch more mahi mahi in a shorter time.

Other Ways To Catch Mahi Mahi

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have trolling gear. It is possible to catch mahi -mahi by drifting with live or chunk bait around weed lines. If the weld lines are too patchy to trolling, this is a good option.

Catching mahi-mahi from floating structures is a good idea. We recommend that you prepare your jigs. To rig the jig, use a piece or ballyhoo to place it near the debris. Let it sink to the fish.

To chum the fish, you can also throw ballyhoo chunks to entice a reaction strike if the mahi mahi.

Wrapping it Up

You must have the proper equipment, technique and strength to catch Florida Mahi Mahi. You can join an offshore fishing charter if you are new to certain techniques. The crew will help you catch mahi.

You can fish in St. Pete with Salty Knots Fishing Charters. Call us today to book your fishing charter trip and catch the beautiful Mahi-Mahi.