Red Snapper Season Is Here!

Red Snapper Season Is Here!

The Red Snapper Season is set to open on June 1st, and continue through August 2nd. Why all the fuss? Red snapper is a delicious game fish that’s fun and easy to catch and also very delicious. It’s one of the most sought-after game fish in the Gulf of Mexico.

Red snapper can grow to 40 inches in length and can weigh as much as 50 pounds. It can be difficult to get them aboard, as they are often found around wreckage, reefs, and offshore rigs at depths of fifty or more feet. It’s worth it to get a photo of yourself holding one of these beautiful fish. You will have a lifetime memory and many years of bragging rights.

You have a limited window of opportunity, unfortunately.

Why Is Red Snapper Season So Short?

Red snapper fishing is a great recreational experience. However, overfishing has occurred from 1945 to the mid-1990s. In 2005, a plan was developed to rebuild the fishery due to increased commercial fishing and more boats for recreational fishing.

The plan is designed to increase red snapper populations and provide long-term harvest opportunities. The program is working: red snapper stocks are rising but so is catching these amazing fish. Therefore, the season will continue to be shortened and catch limits of 2 per day and minimum 16 inches will apply for 2022 and beyond.

Red Snapper Is Delicious. But What Does It Taste Like?

Red snapper is mildly sweet and has a firm texture. Because it has low oil, it is considered light and doesn’t have the fishy taste that many other varieties have. This makes it ideal for many sea food lovers.

Red snapper can be found in many restaurants. There are also many recipes available online for how to make it at home.

What Other Things Should You Know About Red Snappers?

Red snapper live up to 50 years and in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. They reproduce between May and October at the earliest, and spawn along rocky ledges and coral reefs.

The fertilized eggs are able to float on the surface of the water and hatch within one day. The young fish begin to settle in shallow water about a month later. As they mature, they move on to deeper waters and eventually to structures. Red snapper are social fish. They form large schools around and in the vicinity of structures. These schools typically consist of fish of similar sizes.

The hard part is knowing where and what to do to capture them. We can help you with that!

We Are Familiar With The Places Where Red Snappers Call Home

Salty Knots Fishing Charters will help you locate the fish and share their best techniques for catching them. 

Talk to Captain Avery Hughes, and he will put you on some monster Red snapper, provide all the support you need, and set you up for success this Red Snapper season. It’s easy! Contact Salty Knots Fishing charters today to book an unforgettable experience.