Best Tampa Fishing Charters

The Best Tampa Fishing Charters

The best Tampa fishing charters offer something extra when they take people out on the water to catch a big one. More than just a boat and fishing gear, a good charter will also provide experience and expertise when it’s time to reel in your catch.

Offshore deep-sea fishing charters in Tampa are a rare find! Salty Knots Fishing Charters is federally licensed and insured. Trips that last 4,6, 8, 10, 12, and 12 hours are available for those looking for large fish. We also offer trophy trips lasting between 12 and 15 hours. Our office is located on the south side, just next to the skyway bridge. We are easily accessible for all who live in the Tampa Bay Area, or nearby areas such as Sarasota and Tampa. We can harvest reef and pelagic species. Below is a listing of pelagic and reef species.

Salty knots Tampa Fishing Charters: What Kinds of Fish Can You Expect To Catch?

Here’s a complete list of all the fish that we catch throughout the year:

  • Red grouper (reef)
  • Gag grouper (reef)
  • Black grouper (reef)
  • Red snapper (reef)
  • Yellowtail snapper (reef)
  • Hogfish (reef)
  • Blackfin tuna (pelagic)
  • Mangrove snapper (reef)
  • Shark (reef)
  • Sailfish (pelagic)
  • Wahoo (pelagic)
  • Mahi mahi (pelagic)
  • Kingfish (pelagic)
  • African pompano (reef)
  • Amberjack (reef)
  • Mutton snapper (reef)

American Red Snapper

One of the most sought-after times to fish the Gulf of Mexico is the American Red Snapper Season. Red snappers can reach up to 30 pounds and are found in the Gulf of Mexico at depths of 100-450ft. Red snapper is a tasty bottom fish and can put up a great fight.

Your high level of experience combined with your determination will ensure that you have the best chance to catch these huge fish. Red snapper season will see us targeting red and gag groupers, as well as other species of reef and pelagic fish. Are you looking for a trip that only targets red snappers? Red snapper limit trips are available. The time span is between 5-10hrs. Because our fishery is so amazing, you never know what the Gulf of Mexico might bring.

Ready to Fish with the Best Tampa Fishing Charters?

Are you looking for a Tampa fishing charter? Salty Knots has your back! Call us today to make a reservation! Our experienced anglers will make sure you have the fishing trip of a lifetime.