The Different Types of Snapper In The Gulf

The Different Types of Snapper In The Gulf

Red snapper is a common game fish in Florida waters. They can be found at depths up to 450m in estuaries. Snappers thrive in Florida because they love warmer climates. They can reach one meter in length if they are allowed to grow in the right conditions. There are different types of snapper in the gulf and there are over 100 species of snappers worldwide. You can find some of them in Florida’s waters. These are the five most sought-after snapper species in Florida.

  1. Red Snapper

Because of its incredible size, the Red Snapper is Florida’s most beloved snapper. It can grow to as much as 50 pounds. It can be found in Florida on bridges and at piers. You will also find it offshore, off both coasts. The Red snapper is some of the most delicious fish you will ever have the pleasure of eating. This makes it a prize catch by anglers all over the world.

  1. Mangrove Snapper

The Mangrove Snapper, also known as the Gray Snapper, is also common in Florida’s saltwater. Because they gather in small areas of mangroves throughout the state, it is known as the Mangrove Snapper. Inshore juveniles can be found in mangroves and tidal streams, while adults are often found nearshore in wrecks, rocks, and coral reefs. Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Sebastian are the best places to find them.

  1. Yellowtail Snapper

The yellow tail makes the Yellowtail Snapper stand out. Although smaller than its Red Snapper cousin, it is just as delicious. It eats mostly shrimps and can be caught off the coast of Florida, up to 300 feet. It is most common in the Florida Keys during the summer months.

  1. Mutton Snapper

The Mutton Snapper is one of the most common snappers in South Florida, especially when they spawn. It is found in the inland areas of mangroves and canals, where it eats smaller fishes as well as snails. You can occasionally catch it in the Gulf Coast, such as the Middle Grounds.

  1. Cubera Snapper

This snapper can grow to over 110 pounds. Juveniles are found inshore in grass beds, while adults can be found nearshore and offshore on rocky reefs, wrecks, ledges and wrecks, where they feed on crustaceans and fishes. The Florida Keys are home to the Cubera Snapper, especially in late summer when they spawn. This is one of the many different types of snapper in the gulf.

Florida also has other species of the Snapper Family, including the Mahogany Snapper (Lane Snapper), Blackfin Snapper, Dog Snapper/Queen Snapper/Schoolmaster, Silk Snapper and Vermilion Snapper. 

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