Tips to Fish for Grouper In Florida

Tips to Fish for Grouper In Florida

Grouper is a popular fish to catch. They are delicious and can be quite large. Here are nine tips to help you fish for grouper in Florida.

1. Fish Inshore and Nearshore during Winter

Many fish that live in deeper waters will move inshore or closer to shore when the water is colder. This is a great way to save gas while still catching quality fish.

2. You can use the Residential Docks during winter

When the weather is colder, gag groupers travel very close to shore. Sometimes they even go as far as deep channels or residential canals. They are easy targets. You can pitch live mullet and sardines along the dock’s edges. Make sure to tighten your drag and hang on.

3. Summer is the best time to fish for Grouper in Florida

The groupers who had lived in shallow water start to migrate offshore as the water warms up. However, some grouper species can still be caught in shallower waters.

4. Try trolling

Many people are successful when trolling for grouper. There are many reasons for this. You can cover a lot of ground so you have a greater chance of finding large groupers. Fish will bite trolling lures by getting out of their holes and ledges. It makes it much more difficult for them to return there. When trolling for grouper, one thing you need to remember is to slow down. Go at 2 knots. For trolling grouper, planars or downriggers are excellent options.

5. Chum!

Experts in fishing for grouper prefer frozen sardines or squid as their bait. Grunt and smaller grouper species will eat this bait, and then throw the rest into the water. This will attract larger grouper species, and make them more likely to eat the bait. This is when you should follow up with your chum by dropping a live grunt, or pinfish to get your larger groupers to bite. When bottom-fishing is a viable option, chum can help increase your catch rate. It is a way to keep your grouper from getting into holes. If you get good bites close to a reef, it’s likely that your fish will go back to the holes.

6. When you troll, use natural or artificial lures

Trolling is a great tactic in which you can use natural or artificial bait. You can still trolling for grouper with either bait. If you slow troll with a lure designed for deep diving, it will produce lots of fish. These lures can dive from 30-40 feet depending on how fast the troll is. These lures are great for trolling on shallow reefs or ledges. If you’re using natural baits, planars and downriggers are great tools to get your bait down. 

7. Use Your Heavy Tackle

Many people lose their grouper because they love to run back into the holes and ledges after being hooked. You can overcome this problem by using heavy tackle with a 80-100 pound mainline. This will help you tighten your drag and get your fish to your boat before it’s too late.

8. When trolling, use your monofilament line

This line is ideal for trolling, as it can stretch. You should grouper troll in water between 30 and 60 feet deep. Even though the water is so deep, you won’t have any trouble setting your hook. Stretch will give your fish some breathing room whenever it strikes your moving lure.

9. Use your braided line when bottom fishing

This is especially true if you are in deep water. A braided line can help with your sensitivity. Once you feel the grouper bite, it’s easy to pull. Because the line is stretched, there won’t be any bite when you fish at depths below 160 feet. To ensure that your fish don’t get scared by your leader, you should use one that is at least 4 to 6 feet long. Monofilament or fluorocarbon are both good choices.

These are some tips to help fish for grouper in Florida. These tips will make you successful, and you might even bring home a trophy.

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