Top Saltwater Fishing Gear & Accessories

Top Saltwater Fishing Gear & Accessories

You are ready to go for some saltwater therapy. The sun is shining and the fuel tank is full. These are some things you will need to make saltwater fishing enjoyable before you head out on the water. We have listed the best saltwater fishing gear for your boat, regardless of whether you are fishing for hard-fighting fish or just trying to catch dinner.

Rods & Reels

It’s obvious but it’s surprising what people forget to do when they want to be out on the water. The most important saltwater fishing gear to have on board are rods and reels. Your choice of rods or reels will depend on the type of saltwater fishing that you are doing. There are two types of rods: trolling rods that can catch larger fish and spinning rods that catch smaller fish. There are many factors that can make a rod or reel more durable than others, such as length, weight, and durability. But we will stick to the basics. These essential items are important no matter what style of fishing you choose.

Tackle Box

A tackle box with common fishing accessories is a smart idea. There are many options, but here’s a list to start with: Make sure you have artificial bait and lures. You’ll also need to have a pair of scissors, a pair of long nose pliers, hooks, and swivels. Your local tackle shop should be able help you find the right gear for your chosen fishing style.


This may seem like a strange one, but buckets can be very useful for fishing on boats. There are many uses for your bucket. You could use it to keep bait alive, fill it with soap and water for easy cleaning at the end of each day, or even use it as an extra seat on the boat.

Landing nets

Although landing nets don’t always need to be brought along, they are a smart choice. You can catch larger fish with landing nets, which will make it easier to lift them up onto the boat. If you catch and release the fish, landing nets can help to protect it. The rubber mesh net is better than the nylon knotted ones. 


A ruler is essential for keeping your saltwater catch safe. This is something that every responsible angler understands. If you don’t follow the minimum length requirements, it can result in heavy fines.

Clothing & Accessories

Do not make the error of using the wrong gear for fishing. Proper fishing gear can make a difference in how warm or cold you stay. Sunblock, sunglasses and jackets are all great accessories. If you want to feel comfortable when returning inshore, it is a good idea to bring an additional set of clothes.

Filet Knife & Sharpener

Quick filet work can be done with a quality filet knife on your catch or bait (if you prefer to filet on-the-spot). A knife can be useful for cutting line and other tasks when dealing with the natural world. Fishing can quickly dull your knife so make sure you have a sharpener with you.


Knowledge is the best thing to have when you’re heading into the ocean. Also, research is key to planning your saltwater fishing trip. It could mean the difference between a successful and a disappointing trip. Research the weather first. Once you have access to the weather reports, you can research the types of fish that you want to catch as well as the best locations and equipment for each species. Make sure you have enough bait for the duration of your trip.

If Required, Fishing License

A fishing license is required for fishing in Florida waters. All anglers aged 16 to 65 who plan on landing saltwater species in Florida waters must have a Florida fishing licence. Licenses and permits are available online, and in person at a licensed agent or tax collector’s office or by calling toll-free 888-FISH-FLORIDA.

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