Tuna Fishing In Florida

Tuna Fishing In Florida

If you are a tuna fisherman, Florida is the perfect place for you. They are known for their great taste and fighting skills. Bluefin, skipjack, and blackfin are just a few of the many tuna species that can be found near Florida’s coasts. The most popular varieties of tuna are yellowfin and blackfin. Here we will discuss tuna fishing in Florida!

They aren’t often targeted by casual anglers but recreational anglers can still fish for them if they want to. The most popular tuna species in the state is the blackfin. Although their size isn’t often over 30 lbs., their aggressive nature and large quantity make them worthwhile. Blackfin tuna is most commonly caught by anglers in the spring and autumn seasons, when they begin to appear near shore in large numbers. Blackfin tuna are more likely to disappear in the summer because they migrate from the coast to the ocean during mating seasons. Florida anglers know that blackfin tuna fishes can be found around reefs close to schools of attractive baitfish.

Trolling is an effective way to catch blackfin tuna. While fishing for them, cedar plugs are great lures. Anglers can also use live baits or natural dead baits. You will find success catching blackfin tuna slow trolling near the edges and rips of the currents. Blackfin tuna can be found in the Gulf of Mexico. Fishermen fish near shrimp boats cleaning their bycatch. This creates a large chum slick that is attractive to passing tuna.

Blackfin fishing doesn’t require heavy tackle. These small tunas can be tackled with medium-heavy rods or even light rods. Blackfins are well-known for their ability to take lures and baits off the surface. A 50-pound leader and a circle hook will suffice while you fish for them.

Anglers who fish off the coast of Florida are a fan of yellowfin tuna. They can be found further offshore than other tuna species. Panhandle anglers will often go deeper to find yellowfin tuna, these fish sometimes exceeding 100 pounds.

The best fishing is found in the Gulf near the Loop Current’s edges. If you aren’t prepared, yellowfin tuna could cause damage to your gear. If you want to catch yellowfin tuna, you need to be ready for any scenario.

Yellowfin tackle gear typically weighs in the 30 to 80-pound range. Anglers love to use large reels and sturdy trolling rods. However, many anglers also prefer popping and jigging with standup gear. These tuna are well-known for their ability to hit bright trolling lures. Anglers use a technique called ‘chunking’ to attract them to their boats. This involves putting live bait in the sea to lure even the most wary tuna to your boat.

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