Best shark fishing in Florida

Where Is the Best Shark Fishing in Florida?

Where is the best location for shark fishing in Florida? Well, that’s no small question! There are a few points to consider when you want to go on a trip like this. One of the first considerations is if you want to fish off of a beach or from a boat. Sometimes you can’t fish on one unless it’s in an area where the sharks have been corralled.

What Sharks Can I Catch Here in Florida?

Over 400 species of sharks exist in the world. Florida is home to some of the largest and meanest. Some species are residents all year, while others are seasonal visitors. Shark fishing regulations are strict in Florida, and some species are prohibited. You must immediately release any sharks you catch. Let’s now turn our attention toward those that you can freely target.

Blacktip Sharks

If you fish in Florida, these light tackle sharks make a great inshore target. Blacktip Sharks love warm, shallow waters. They are well-dispersed throughout the state’s estuaries and bays as well as along the coast. They are usually 5-6 feet in length and considered to be quite shy, making them a great target for different skill levels.

However, they will fight for your bait! Blacktip Sharks can be fished all year, but it is best to keep track of their migration patterns.

Bull Sharks

Bull Sharks can be aggressive. These sharks are fierce predators that will eat almost anything. You will need to be aware of their presence in different waters. They can be found in Florida inshore, offshore, and sometimes in freshwater.

Shortfin Mako Sharks

You will need to go into deep water in order to battle the Shortfin Mako Sharks. These Sharks are found in Florida’s Gulf Stream where they eat Tuna and Swordfish. Because of their incredible speed, Makos are able to catch their prey. Their speed allows them to leap out of the water at incredible speeds, often exceeding 40 miles an hour.

Florida’s Best Shark Fishing Spots

It is not easy to find sharks in the Sunshine State. The information you will see is just a small part of the vast array of possibilities available. However, it should be enough to get you started.

Florida Keys

Home to the largest concentration of sharks in Florida, this is where you can fish for all species. Winters here are a great place to find migratory species such as Bonnethead and Blacktip. The fishing here is great because of its proximity to larger Sharks such as Bull and Mako.


Sarasota is the ideal place to fish for sharks in the waters around Sarasota. Surf fishing is possible at Turtle Beach. To reel in more species, you can charter a boat and sail to the nearby reefs.


The waters around Destin are home to many shark species, including Nurse, Spinner, and Mako as well as Bull. This is a popular spot for adrenaline junkies looking to win a trophy. You can either try your luck in Gulf waters or explore the waters just a few miles from the bay.

Fort Myers

Fort Myers or Sanibel Island are great spots to chase sharks if you fish in winter. You can either target Bonnethead or Blacktip Sharks offshore, or you can move to nearshore waters and battle aggressive Bull Sharks.

Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay provides the ideal nursery environment for Sharks. Bull Sharks are attracted to the Alafia River’s mouth, while Blacktip Sharks love Terra Ceia Bay in Tampa Bay.

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