Where is the best tarpon fishing in Florida

Where Is the Best Tarpon Fishing in Florida

Welcome to the world of Tarpon fishing in Florida! If you’re an avid angler, chances are you’re already well aware of the thrill that comes with hooking into one of these powerful fish. With their acrobatics and strength, tarpon are a popular target for sport fishermen all over the world. But where is the best place to cast your line and try to reel one in? Well, you’re in luck because Florida is widely considered the tarpon fishing capital of the world. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top spots in the Sunshine State where you can chase these fish and experience the ultimate tarpon fishing adventure. So grab your rod, reel, and bait and let’s dive into the world of tarpon fishing in Florida!

Boca Grande Pass

One place in Florida can average 5,000 Tarpons per season over an 80-day period. This is the best place to fish for Tarpons. Boca Grande Pass is the key component of this location. The Boca Grande Pass can be found on the Florida West Coast at the mouth to Charlotte Harbor. Charlotte Harbor is a well-known estuary that remains largely undeveloped. It is home to miles of serene serenity, world-famous fishing, particularly Tarpon fishing.

Location Theory

It is not known why Tarpon chose to migrate to Boca Grande Pass. Many theories exist about it. Boca Grande Pass is actually one of the most deep natural passes in Florida. It is also a well-known fact that Tarpons love to swim in deep water. Boca Grande can reach depths of up to 80 feet. It is also the only outlet to Charlotte Harbor that is fed directly by the Peace River and the Myakka River.

Boca Grande Pass Attraction

Boca Grande Pass’s main draw is it’s “hill tide”. This amazing natural phenomenon is something that every tarpon lover should never miss. Millions of “pass crabs”, which are spawned in Charlotte Harbor, get washed out during the spring tides of both the new and full moons. Anglers will find huge tarpon intoxicated by crabs during this period. However, it is more difficult to predict crab runs today. Anglers may be lucky enough to get a hookup while fishing. It is not unusual to have up to four hookups in one fishing charter.

The pass has many regulations and rules for fishing. To get the best experience, novices and experts in angling should hire a guide before they attempt to fish in Boca Grande Pass.

Tarpon Fishing Florida Keys

While the Florida Keys can be a difficult place for some anglers looking to catch Tarpon, it is also a great spot for others. It is important to focus your attention on the migration and not the species. 

The Upper and Middle Keys

A large number of Tarpon can be found around Channel Bridges and Tom’s Harbor, Seven Mile Bridge and Long Key. You can also find them in the flats close to Islamorada Key. Buchanan Bank, Marathon, near Jack Banks is another good place to fish. Although the Keys are open all year, peak season is from March to July. Tarpon are most commonly found on the Florida Bayside during springtime. As the year goes on, Tarpon moves to the Atlantic side in search of deep water.

Lower Keys

Marquesas Keys Harbor of Key West Harbor and the Bahia Honda Bridge are some of the best locations. The best month is May to July, when you can focus your attention on Tarpon-bearing bridges. Key West Harbor feeds Tarpon every January through March each year to increase the chances of catching more resident fish. Marquesas Keys is one of the Keys where you can find big Tarpon in large numbers. Because the Islands are uninhabited, they are accessible only by boat. Bahia Honda Bridge, which connects Spanish Harbor and Bahia Honda key, is also a popular place to find tarpons. These waters are surrounded all year round by Tarpon, thanks to the migration of tarpon and the residential Tarpon.

Biscayne Bay Tarpon Fishing

Although it is located north of the Florida Keys and Miami, Florida Tarpon migrates a lot through Miami. It is home to many Tarpon, and it has inlets south-of Biscayne Bay. This makes it a great place for them to migrate down the coast of Florida. Particularly, you can expect tarpon migration to occur in the Government Cut, between Miami Beach and Fisher Island, and Port Everglades.

Other Florida Tarpon Fishing Areas

Any city with a Port in Florida can be added to the list of great Tarpon destinations. These are located along Florida’s Atlantic coast and offer great Tarpon fishing. This provides Tarpon with a way to travel freely and allows them to go where they want. As anglers, our job is to catch them on their journeys and stop for a bite. The east coast also has great Tarpon cities like Stuart, New Smyrna and St Augustine. Nearly all year, Tarpon are found in Naples and Marco Island. We skipped Boca Grande, but Clearwater, St Petersburg and Tampa offer some of the best Tarpon fishing in Florida during prime time.

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