Why Book a Private Fishing Charter In St Petersburg FL?

Why Book a Private Fishing Charter In St Pete FL?

You shouldn’t miss the amazing fishing opportunities offered in St Petersburg FL if you’re planning on heading there! There are many species that you can catch, from barracuda to mahi-mahi and all different kinds of species in between. Salty Knots Fishing Charters is an offshore fishing guide in St Petersburg. You have different options when you want to book one: You can choose from a minimum 4-hour trip or a maxim 15-hour trip. Many people prefer the full day 8-hour trip. Continue reading to find out how you can book a private fishing charter in St Petersburg FL.

Why Book a Private Fishing Guide In St Petersburg FL?

Before you book a fishing charter, it is important to determine what type of charter you need. Each charter service is different and tailored to specific fishing styles and target species.

Private fishing charters are the best option. Private fishing charters allow you to have the whole boat, captain, crew and trip for yourself, along with any family members or friends. Private fishing guides in St Pete offer many benefits to both novice and experienced anglers.

How can a private guide for fishing in St Petersburg FL help you? Here are some benefits:

Fishing Success

Are you an experienced angler looking for a particular species? A private fishing guide will help you achieve your goals. You’ll also catch more fish.

A private fishing guide will also get to know you, your experience level, and tailor the day to suit your needs. This flexibility is not offered by public fishing charters.

Personal Attention 

Public charters are limited in their flexibility. They can’t go to all the places you want or catch the fish you want. Although you can talk with the captain about your fishing needs, he cannot accommodate other anglers. The charter captain will therefore visit as many hotspots fishing as possible in the hope that everyone can catch fish. However, he won’t necessarily cater to everyone’s needs.

A private fishing charter offers more flexibility and personal attention. Public fishing charters will often have a skipper and crew who are too busy with everyone else. This means that you won’t receive the services you need and want. You’ll have to wait for your turn before you can learn a new fishing technique.

Salty Knots Fishing charter is a private fishing guide tailored to you and your group. This private charter will allow you to join up to six people, or less depending on your preferences. The fishing guide will be closer to you so that you can ask any questions and get the tips you want. To learn more about fishing in St petersburg FL, contact us today!


Private fishing guides offer privacy, which is one of the greatest benefits. You won’t have to deal with strangers bumping into you, waiting for your turn to use the equipment, or not getting the help you need right away from the guide.

A trusted private fishing guide in St Pete is a great thing. The guide will give you great tips about amazing fishing spots, hidden gems, techniques and other details. Your private fishing guide will show you where to find fish, how to spot them and how to catch them. This will give you valuable lessons that you can apply to your next trip.

Book a Private Fishing Charter Today!

Deep-sea fishing is a must-do for anyone who plans to visit Florida. A private fishing guide can be booked for those who prefer a more personal trip. You can’t go wrong spending a little more to get the best fishing guide in the area and that is Capt Avery Hughes from Salty Knots Fishing Charters out of St Petersburg FL.

Are you looking for a private fishing charter? Get in touch to learn more about our services and how we can help you have the best fishing experience.