Red Snapper Season in Florida

Red Snapper Season in Florida 2022!

Anglers are gearing up to take part in the best fishing in years as the Florida Red Snapper season begins in 2022. What do you need to know about this amazing fishery? We will be describing the Gulf of Mexico regulations and Atlantic regulations that govern the season. Additionally, we will provide information on how to fish red snapper. This includes their habitat and preferred bait choices.

Each year, the regulations surrounding the Florida Red Snapper season change. What are the rules for fishing red snapper in Florida in 2022?

If you plan to fish for red snapper in the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico, you will need a Florida saltwater fishing license. A license can be purchased online at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website, or at any county tax collectors office. 

State vs. Federal Water

Before we go into the regulations, it’s important to remember that federal and state waters are different. Florida’s state waters stretch from the shore to three nautical miles off the Atlantic coast and nine nautical miles along the Gulf. Most federal waters extend approximately 200 miles beyond the point where state waters cease or meet with waters from other countries.

Regulations for the 2022 Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper

These regulations will apply to red snapper fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

What is the 2022 Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper Season?

The season for federally authorized for-hire charter vessels (fishing within federal Gulf waters) will start June 1, 2022 and end August 19, 2022 .

The recreational fishing season will begin on June 17, 2022 and end on July 31. To get on board the recreational fishing season, book with a federally licensed charter captain!

The following weekend will see the season reopen:

  • Oct. 8-9 (Sat. & Sun)
  • Oct. 15-16 (Sat. & Sun)
  • Oct. 22-23 (Sat. & Sun)
  • Nov. 11-13 (Fri., Sat. & Sun – Veterans Day weekend)
  • Nov. 25-27 (Fri., Sat. & Sun – Thanksgiving weekend)

This applies to recreational anglers who fish from private boats in the Florida Gulf and federal waters. For-hire operations that do not have a federal reef fish permit may participate in the season, but they are only allowed to fish for red snapper in Florida Gulf state waters.

The bag limit remains at two fish per person.

When fishing with natural bait, circle hooks are required.

Red snapper must measure at least 16 inches in length to be kept.

Regulations for the 2022 Atlantic Red Snapper

These regulations will apply to red snapper fishing in the Atlantic.

What is the 2022 Atlantic Red Snapper Season?

Red Snapper that are caught in state waters can be kept all year.

Federal water snapper season has yet to be announced. All red snapper caught within federal waters must be immediately returned to the water.

Red Snapper fishing in the Atlantic states is limited to 2 fish per person per day.

Red snapper must measure at least 20 inches in length to be kept.

Red Snapper Fishing In Florida

Red snapper can be found in warm water around the globe, including the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean. They are found in reefs, wrecks and other structures at depths between 50 and 200 feet.

Red snapper are opportunistic feeders. They will eat any type of baitfish, squid or crustaceans. Red snapper are attracted to live and frozen pilchards as well as menhaden, herring, pilchards, and menhaden. You can also use cut bait, especially when you are fishing near structures.

It is important to use heavy tackle when targeting red snapper. Red snapper can weigh up to 50 pounds and put up a great fight. Red snapper are best caught bottom-fishing with rigs that have circle hooks. This prevents deep-hooking.

Red Snapper Food Quality

Red snapper is a high-quality fish that’s firm and has a rich taste. Red snapper is commonly used in fried fish dishes. It can also be baked, broiled, or grilled. Red snapper is mild in flavor and can be seasoned with lemon juice, black pepper or lime juice, onion powder, garlic, paprika, and/or onion powder. Red snapper is also used in sushi, ceviche, fish tacos and other dishes. It’s easy for seafood lovers and anglers to appreciate the many culinary uses red snapper has.

Book Your 2022 Red Snapper Trip

A federally licensed charter captain is your best bet for getting fish in the cooler, despite the short season and complicated regulations. Red Snapper are most popular on the west coast of florida in cities like St Petersburg and Tampa. Salty Knots Fishing Charters and Capt Avery Hughes have been catching monster Red Snapper for years in the gulf of mexico. Book your next adventure now!

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